Time to relax

It is time to relax

design2.timetorelaxIf we all could relax for at least half an hour a day, that would really make a difference. Everybody is  always busy these days, with work, children, household, meetings, etc. And don’t forget social media.

tea-ritual-1-15It is a lot to take in and time goes by so quickly. It would not hurt to try to relax half an hour a day during the afternoon or evening.

tea-ritual-1-12Have a nice cup of tea or coffee, or what ever you prefer, but most important is to treat yourself. Take a book or magazine (if you like) and just shut yourself off from all your surroundings.  With that I mean, no tv, no phone, no social media, no work. I know you are thinking, who is she kidding? And where do I find the time?

tea-ritual-1-13Well, that is the whole idea of relaxing…

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