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Devil Lazy Delicious crossover Country Style Cooking


Devil Lazy Delicious Lemon Chili Chicken

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Lazy Devil Butter Garlic Chicken with Lemon juice




Lazy Devil Curry Chicken with Virgin Tomato



Lazy Devil Delicious Spicy Asian Kim-chi Chicken Hot Wing



Lazy Devil Delicious Spicy Thai Tom Yum Soup Simplify

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Lazy Devil Delicious Spicy Thai Tom Yum Soup Simplify

Sourdough Brioches with Orange


Our delicious oranges from Crete (the best I know!) inspired me to prepare homemade candied orange zest and since then I am using them for different recipes.

Just before Easter, I prepare my “Colomba” again (Easter Italian Dove Cake) and this week these easier version perfect for breakfast and for giveaway!

In recipe I mentioned the soft candied orange zest; I made it at home boiling the cleaned orange peels (after easting the orange first) in water, throwing away most of the liquid and adding the sugar (same weight as the zest). I’ve boiled until the water was evaporated and the zest quite dry but still soft. I spread it on a baking tray and the next day I sliced it and placed it in small jars.  In order to prevent mold, I placed the closed jars in a pot with boiling water (covering half of the height of the…

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Amaretto Mousse in Chocolate Cups


A stunning presentation for a special event!

You may prepare the chocolate cups in advance, fill them with the mousse and freeze until needed. Just before serving arrange on single plates and voilà a wonderful dessert is ready!

It was fun to prepare the cups and I will prepare these again!

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Sweet Pepper Rings Meatloaf

Oh Yes, They Did

I bought some peppers, intending to make stuffed peppers and then changed my mind.  I decided to make little meatloaves and to cook them inside a slice of sweet pepper, placing them on a generous layer of Spirited Mickie Barbeque sauce and then topped with melted cheese!

Chris and Dillon loved them so I decided to share the recipe with you!


Here are my ingredients, I had hoped that this time I remembered to put everything out for the picture but that was not the case lol… I forgot to put ketchup on the counter before I started.


The first thing you are going to do is to slice the peppers, about an inch  tall, making sure to cut it so you get pepper rings. Set aside.  Keep the tops and bottoms for the next step.


Now you are going to finely dice the “leftover” pepper pieces and then dice a small…

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My brother’s organic restaurant in Tokyo – Kitchen Watarigarasu

Japanese recipes - easy and healthy Mari's Japanese cookbook

Somehow, I haven’t introduced my brother’s tiny restaurant in Tokyo yet in my blog.
One of the reason is, it’s too close to me, I often eat there ( or even sometimes help his kitchen) and don’t take much pictures.. 🙂

He doesn’t cook traditional Japanese, it’s kind of fusion food based on seasonal organic veggies, and organic wines.

He doesn’t have the same menu, since he cooks besed on whatever he has on that day which organic farmers sent him.

On the other day’s Omakase course.. (Today’s special course)

Some kinds of vegetable appetizer
(spagetti squash etc)


Deep-fried bitter cucumber


We had baby squid tomato glatin, and octopus carpaccio, home-made baguette etc, but I forgot to take pictures again..
We asked him non-meat Omakase because my friends are vegetarian, but usually you have pork putty or simmered beaf with red wine or something as well.

Scallop with Ratatouille with…

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Do you know the real power of food, the power of food for you, not everyone else? I am still trying to conquer my power and understand it. Most of us think of food that is just a way to keep your body working, a necessity. I know food is for the body but also for […]

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